About Tylene

Hello New & Seasoned Friends!! Welcome to my website! Take a seat, sip on your favorite cup of tea or coffee and let me tell you a little about who I am and what I love.  I love to tell stories. However, if I’m honest with you, I’m not so great at writing, spelling or telling stories through ink on a page. Sooooo, I stick to what I do best and that’s sharing my soul through my lens. One of my fondest memories as a childhood, was when my mom sat with me and read me a story. I would imagine everything she read. The pages would come alive in my mind. Stories have always impacted me this way. Whether it be a book, movie, image or sitting with a friend hearing her heart. I find my self moved to tears time after time. People are SOOO inspiring.  Real life is not perfect. In my images reflect that at times. I desire to capture the emotion, the moody, the imperfect and the soul each individual of each individual!  I’m inspired daily by the greatest story ever told, Jesus. How he lived and died to save and care for others is the greatest story that will ever be told. I’m inspired by the real person. Not perfection. Moments that may not mean a lot to the world, mean the world to you. My beautiful 24 hours a day consists of my amazing husband of 14 years along with my son, Logan (12) who’s life is fishing, daughter, Peyton (10) who was born to sing and dance (her words) and my baby, Cole (8) who is my soccer pro and wants to cuddle every morning. The journey these 4 take me on is my beautiful, my hard,  my joy and most of all my daily grace!